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Investment legislation

Turkey’s investment legislation offers equal treatment for all investors, as well as its compliance with international standards and its simplicity. The basis of investment legislation; The law on promotion of investments and employment numbered 5084, foreign direct investment law numbered 4875, the implementation regulation of the foreign direct investment law, multilateral and bilateral agreements, and the promotion of investments in sectoral basis Laws and related sub-regulations.

Legal framework for foreign direct investment

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Law numbered 4875

The purpose of the foreign direct Investment (FDI) Act numbered 4875 is:

  • Promoting foreign investments directly to the country
  • Protecting the rights of investors
  • To bring investor and investment definitions to the level of international standards
  • Establish a declarative system for direct foreign investment rather than a consent-based system
  • Increase the volume of foreign direct investments by means of policies and procedures

The FDI law makes a definition of foreign investors and foreign direct investments. In addition, this law; Freedom of investment, national treatment, expropriation and nationalization, free transfer of profits, national and international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution methods, evaluation of non-cash capital, foreign personnel recruitment and liaison offices Important principles of foreign direct investment, such as the

The procedures and principles for the issues contained in the FDI law are stated in the implementation regulation of the FDI law. The aim of the FDI Law on the work permits for foreigners is:

  • Organizing jobs carried out by foreigners
  • To determine the terms and conditions of the rules on the work permits for foreigners

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