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Alanya has all the advantages of being on the Mediterranean coast, 120 kilometres away from the centre of Antalya province. It is possible to reach the city by air, land and sea.
In The City, the public transport system and taxis are at your disposal for almost 24 hours.
Aerial transportation:
The two alternatives for transportation airlines are approximately 120 kilometres from Antalya Airport in the west and Alanya-Gazipaşa airports in the east 40 kilometres. Transportation from the airport to the property is included in almost all package tours. The hotels ‘ contracted vehicles leave you at the airport, from the door to the property. Some airline companies that organize domestic flights offer service to Alanya depending on their flight time.

Those who want to come to Alanya with their own facilities can use special taxis, as well as a 15-minute transfer to Alanya buses departing from Antalya bus station or Havaş public transport transfers The

Land Transportation:
It is possible to reach Alanya by using the double highway from the east exit of Antalya. The Anamur-Alanya highway can be used from the east to Mersin.
Transportation from the Sea:
Alanya has a port in the city centre, where large cruise ships can be comfortably docked. At the same time, the city is home to a yacht marina, which has the capacity to serve 287 yachts at the same time. An average of 100 ships and 80 thousand tourists per year are shipped by sea.
Transportation in Alanya:
The city is furnished with modern sidewalks in an end-to-end, each corner is suitable for hiking. In addition, there are frequent minibuses and public buses from almost every point in the city. It is also possible to find taxis in many corners of Alanya.
You can easily use minibuses or taxis to get to the castle from important visiting points.
Or you can rent a car or motorbike from the ‘ car rental ‘ stores if you have a driver’s license.

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