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Expat Consulting

Providing parallels in the implementation of national law and international law rules; It is important in the context of the prevention of human rights violations and the creation of a system that is worthy of humans. In this context, foreigners in our country have various rights and obligations. Residence permits are a legal basis for foreigners to remain in our country under these rights and obligations.

The residence permit, according to the Protection Act (YUKK), refers to the permission certificate given to stay in Turkey. This authorisation issued by the competent authorities gives the stranger the right to live in our country for a certain period of time and in a specific place. Residence permit, which is important for the provision and protection of public order; The request of the stranger, apply with the required documents and the requirements of the type of residence permit is organized in case of.

The residence permit is a certificate of permission given to foreigners who want to stay in Turkey. In our country, the visa or visa exemption of the period or more than ninety days of foreigners who will stay, through the e-residency system, the requirements of the residence permit is required to apply to the type. Foreigners who have completed their application must be present at the provincial/District Immigration Administration Directorate in the province they want to live on on the day of appointment determined by the system. Foreigners who are not ready at the provincial/District Immigration Administration Directorate on the day of appointment without a valid alibi are deemed to have never applied. A number of information and documents can be requested by the administrator in determining the current alibi. Residence permit extension applications are also made in the same way as a rule. In our 14 provinces (Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Aydın, Bursa, Gaziantep, Istanbul, Izmir, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Mersin, Samsun, Sanliurfa, Tekirdag), in order to make an appointment in the extension of the residence permit for foreigners living with the necessary documents by mail is sufficient.

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