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General Directorate of Secondary Education

Issue: B. 08.0. OGM. 16/08/2010
Subject: Foreign students


Interest: a) Regulation of pre-school education institutions, b) Regulation of the
Ministry of National Education,
C)regulation Of The Ministry of National Education, secondary education institutions directive,
ç) vocational and technical education regulation,
D) National Ministry of Education Imam-Hatip high schools regulation,
E)regulation of private education institutions of the Ministry of Education,
F) Special educational services Regulation,
G) Regulation of the Ministry of National Education, common educational institutions, h) immigrant Regulation on the education of the Workers ‘ children, i) The Ministry of National
Education Equivalence Regulation,
i) The Ministry of Education, secondary education institutions class passing and examination regulation,
J) dated 27/01/2003 and B. 08.0. OGM. (2003/03) circular.

Our country is experiencing a rapid change and transformation process in many areas. In this very decisive and effective process, the changing and evolving conditions, the new needs that arise, and the harmonization of the European Union acquis requires changes and arrangements in any legislation. In
this context, various legislation related to the activities of our ministry has been modified and regulated, and some studies are carried out within a plan.

The purpose of all studies carried out and executed; To increase the quality of educational opportunities of our country and to the desired level and to ensure that those who are in the age of education benefit from these opportunities in accordance with the relevant legislation. However, it is understood that there are some problems and doubts about the demands and sensations that are being transferred to our ministry and the benefits of foreign nationals to benefit from educational opportunities.

For this reason; Foreign nationals in our country, access to education, registration-acceptance, document issuance and other issues related to the execution of business and operations (a), (b), (c), (ç), (d), (e), (f), (g), (M), (h), (i) and (i Explanations were needed. In this respect, in the schools and institutions (excluding higher education institutions) of any type and level affiliated with our ministry, in the work and transactions related to education and activities, the provisions of the special legislation shall be processed in accordance with the following explanations. will be made.


1-the Commission
will create a commission to carry out the work and transactions related to foreign students under the chairmanship of the Assistant Director/Branch Manager at The Provincial Directorate of National Education. In this commission; Each level and type of school/institution manager, provincial Police Department of Foreigners Branch office with a competent officer who can interview the mother tongue of foreign students will be given a foreign language teacher or interpreter.

a) If foreign students carry out the terms of the registration-acceptance in this circular, they will be able to determine their equivalences based on the diploma and Learning documents and to the school/institutions The
b) In the case of non-stateless, asylum-seekers/refugees and asylum seekers who do not have a certificate of learning from foreign nationals, the school and class levels are based on the declarations of the interview, as required by written or oral examination To the relevant schools/institutions by determining the equivalency of the class level in which they are studying in their countries.
c) The School/institutions and public education centres will take the necessary measures to teach Turkish and to gain professional skills, and if the appropriate environment is found, all kinds of supportive education on the subject Planning and realization of the work.
ç) in the beginning of each academic year at least twice a year, except for these dates, collected as needed, will make assessments about foreign students who are studying throughout the province and the decisions taken by the relevant school/institution and Law enforcement authorities.

2-The requirements for admission-acceptance
a) a student visa will not be required in the registration-acceptance of foreign nationals who are stateless, asylum-seekers/refugees and asylum-applicants, but they are not responsible for the safety authorities and their parents or For at least six months of residence permits.
b) In order to study foreign nationals who arrive in Turkey, they will be required to have a valid passport and study visa and residence permits for at least six months.
c) The registration and acceptance of the children of foreigners who are allowed to work and their residence In Turkey will also not be asked for a study visa.
ç) in the registration-acceptance of the children of the embassies, Consulate General and international organizations in Turkey; The presence of valid passports and identification cards issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall be required. For children over 18 years of age, this staff will also be required to have the necessary residence permit from the Ministry of Interior.
D) As a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, according to article 28 of the Turkish Citizenship Act numbered 5901, by obtaining permission from the Council of Ministers to leave the Turkish citizenship, and their children’s citizenship Residence permit and study visa will not be required. However, it will be required to have a blue card issued according to article 53 of the Regulation on the implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law, which includes provisions for the implementation of the same law.
e) School directorates; The information belonging to foreign students who have been made to the schools will be notified to the law authorities on a regular basis through provincial/District National education directorates.
f) The attendance of unjustified claims and legal problems shall not be permitted to the schools and institutions of those who do not carry the terms of registration and acceptance.

3-Data entry and document arrangement
a) any data entry made by schools and institutions
will be carried out via the E-school system with the identification number of foreigners.
b) Issuance of the certificate, certification, diplomas and similar documents in accordance with the relevant legislation; Foreign students with the identity card, passport, residence permit information, if any, the study certificate of the previous academic year, based on the information of the education of the Turkish national students, such as the Order of education and diplomas Will be. In addition, any work and transactions made through e-school will be used for the student’s or guardian’s passport-related credentials.
c) If foreign students who have discontinued their education are asked, they will be issued a certificate of the study showing the level of education they have received in our country.

4-Other considerations
a) It is essential that students are placed in appropriate schools in their residence and comply with the rules and regulations of the schools in which they see/receive an education.
b) To maintain the education of students in harmony with the school, environment and other students, to provide the necessary support and assistance to those who have difficulty in compliance with the school administrations, guidance services, guidance research centres and the Commission Necessary precautions will be taken.
c) Continuing status Of students; To be monitored from the date of registration, the necessary precautions will be taken to ensure the continuation of the absence, the relevant persons and institutions shall be notified on time.
ç) students; Schools and institutions will comply with the provisions of the legislation concerning the costumes applied for the Turkish national students.
d) The necessary measures will be taken on the Commission to ensure that the students are required to provide scholarships and benefits with the necessary course tool.
e) Postings of students with stateless, asylum-seekers/refugees and asylum-applicants in the settlements where they are placed in the settlement after the status and status of their presence in our country are determined by the safety authorities, the safety The information of the authorities. In addition, foreign students will be notified to law enforcement, school graduation and similar situations.
f) The hesitation and problems faced with the education and training of foreign students will be resolved first by evaluating the Commission. Problems that cannot be resolved in the relevant department will be transferred to the relevant teaching office of our ministry.
g) foreign nationals benefiting from educational activities; Information about the identity, numbers, learning levels or educational activities that are available in the scope of the E-school, the information about the country of origin and the status of the data on the e-school, the data of those who are not enrolled in the E-school system Will be entered into the system via MEBBIS.
ğ) Work and transactions related to the validity period of residence permit documents; School Directorates will be conducted through provincial/District National education directorates.
h) If the status and status of the presence in our country are determined by the law authorities after the settlement of the stateless, asylum-seekers/refugees and asylum-seekers in the state of the applicant with foreign nationals returned To benefit from the education of foreign nationals hosted in the sending centres; In order to conduct educational activities within the appropriate venues with schools/institutions, provincial national education directorates will take appropriate measures in coordination with provincial police departments. I
) for the healthy execution of business and transactions; Cooperation with all sides of the subject, especially provincial police departments, will be given importance in matters requiring confidentiality.
i) Interest (j) Circular repealed.
I would ask For Your information And your need.

Nimet Çubukçu
Minister Of National Education

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